How To Find A Job,
Career And Life You Love

"A no fluff, highly effective, step-by-step guide to discovering your life’s purpose, finding a career you love, and living a life of intense fulfillment each and every day."

Louis Efron

Louis Efron
Forbes and Huffington Post Contributor

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A portion of this book’s proceeds will go towards improving the diagnosis, treatment and care for children with cancer in the developing world with the charity World Child Cancer USA.

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How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love teaches you what everyone needs to know and do to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life. Specifically, how to discover your purpose, what you will be happiest doing for a job and career plus how to start living the life you want and deserve. If you follow Louis' advice, your life will change for the better.

- Chester Elton, best-selling author of The Carrot Principle & All In

Louis Efron is not afraid to color outside the lines.

His book transforms what could have been another staid, traditional Human Resources piece and converts the text into a personal journey.

One he walks with his readers. Like my book Built on Values: Creating an Enviable Culture that Outperforms the Competition, Louis includes helpful tools and resources to aid his readers in
accomplishing their goals.

This practical book will provide you with the jump start you need to wake up to a job and life you love.

- Ann Rhoades, co-founder of JetBlue and president of People Ink

There are so many books on the market today that make you think and others
that make you act. What is so terrific about Louis’ book is that it makes you do
both. If you are serious about having a truly engaging career that you are
passionate about and can’t wait to get to work each day rather than just a job
you dread, then you need to read this book. The book is loaded with tips, tools
and homework for you to do, but the journey in the end will be well worth it.

- Ruth Ross, engagement thought leader, speaker and author of Coming Alive: The Journey to Reengage Your Life and Career

Louis' book is a little gem of a tool. It's for every person who has ever yearned to live their right and purposeful life, the one dreamt of but hasn't quite been put into action. As a human resources executive who has spent thirty years coaching, advising and helping people with their career aspirations, this book will be a tremendous kickstarter. Instead of plodding through the career that life has thrown at you, you can learn how to re-set, recalibrate what is truly important, meaningful and energizing and determine with intentionality the life and career you are meant to live. Bravo Louis on How to Find a Job, Career and Life you Love.

- Lisa Peterson, senior practice expert at Gallup

How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love” was a game changer and a lifeline for me. By applying the practical tools that Louis provided, I was able to find out where and why I was losing my power and most importantly, how to get it back. After each chapter I was left with so many takeaways and clear guidance on where I was headed next. Louis is a visionary and a healer do not be fooled by his youthful appearance--he is full of wisdom beyond his years. Thank you Louis for rekindling the passion in me that I thought was forever lost--for this and for so much more I am forever grateful!

- Linda Scull, RN

Louis is one of the rare break of leaders that can touch you emotionally and intellectually. How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love will resonate with you because it makes sense rationally and reaches out to you personally.

Louis is a leader who brings his intuition and blends it with insight and facts to make you enthused to read more and begin acting!

- Pat Beyer, senior medical device executive

Read this book only if you’re ready to do some soul searching that results in real-life planning. Louis' book is a must for anyone who is willing to take action and live life with more purpose.

- Greg Jordan, small business owner - Greg Jordan Design

The idea of work-life balance is eroding very quickly. We spend too much time at work for it to be anything other than deeply satisfying and meaningful. However, for most of us, none of our high school or college coursework was focused on finding meaning through our work. Louis' book is exactly what we should be teaching in high school and college. Louis presents a step-by-step guide for how to connect 'who you are' with 'what you do'. If you are looking for a life of meaning, read this book immediately.

- Brian Mohr, co-founder & managing partner of Y Scouts

Whenever I pick up a book filled with "expert advice", my first question is, " ... is this person truly an expert and is what they're telling me for real?" Well, with Louis Efron, it takes about a page and a half to be sure ... he's not only the real deal, but his writing style is some of the most transparent, vulnerable, relevant and timely you'll ever read!

This book made me reevaluate my entire purpose for living and has had a profound impact on my work with corporate clients and how they can best optimize employee engagement. With his unique experience in theatre and HR, Louis gets right down to the personal stuff and hits on what truly makes people want to do and be their best. The idea of combining Employee Purpose with Corporate Purpose is a great way to help people be everything they can be as human beings, but can't help to maximize ROI and improve culture ... why didn't I think of this?

This book is not only a fascinating read, but is destined to be part of a new paradigm in corporate Human Resources strategy.

- John Schaefer, founder and president of Schaefer Recognition Group

As the CEO of two successful recruitment firms, I know the importance of placing people in the right jobs to ensure their success and happiness. This process starts with candidates understanding their purpose: what they were put on Earth to do. Louis' book and process helps job candidates and employees find their purpose. It is suggested reading for everyone applying for positions through my firms. How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love is a game changer for job seekers, employees and every organization.

- Max Hansen, founder and CEO of Job Brokers and Y Scouts

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