Louis’ books have been enjoyed and embraced by thousands around the world interested in improving their lives, the lives of their children and accelerating people engagement and business results in their organizations. His words, entertaining stories, thought-provoking ideas, and simple and actionable takeaways are inspiring and moving people’s hearts and minds towards a better world.

How To Find a Job, Career, and Life You Love

How to Find a Job, Career, and Life You Love

A highly effective, step-by-step guide to discovering your life’s purpose, finding a career you love, and living a life of intense fulfillment each and every day.

Purpose Meets Execution

Purpose Meets Execution Platform

An essential book to help organizations implement a plan and process to balance organizational purpose and business execution to accelerate engagement and drive profits.

Beyond the Ink

Beyond The Ink

Beyond the Ink illustrates the power of combining personal and organizational purpose and executional excellence to deliver transformational results in life and business.

The Unempty Spaces Between by Louis Efron

The Unempty Spaces Between

The Unempty Spaces Between, winner of the 2023 NYC Big Book Awards for poetry, is Louis Efron’s debut poetry collection including a selection of some of his previously published poems and many new ones.

What Kind of Bee Can I Be?

What Kind of Bee Can I Be?

Busy little creatures, honeybees happily buzz from flower to flower collecting nectar to make good things to eat. But do they know just how important they really are? Journey with one little bee who goes in search of his purpose and along the way learns the secret of happiness.

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