Louis’ books have been enjoyed and embraced by thousands around the world interested in improving their lives, the lives of their children and accelerating people engagement and business results in their organizations. His words, entertaining stories, thought-provoking ideas, and simple and actionable takeaways are inspiring and moving people’s hearts and minds towards a better world.

Beyond The Ink

Beyond the Ink illustrates the power of combining personal and organizational purpose and executional excellence to deliver transformational results in life and business.

Barth has disrupted and transformed one of the largest and most misunderstood industries in the world, in the process delivering new insights into how to turn small businesses into profitable empires.

In the pages of Beyond the Ink, you will learn new ways to look at problems and overcome barriers, what living a purpose-driven life really means and looks like, how to create better products to better serve more customers, the ROI of leading with care, and how to create wealth and sustainability in your life and business, whether that business is a single tattoo studio or an unrelated Fortune 500 corporation. Applying the principles you find in this book will help you start or run a better business in any industry.

Includes never before seen photos of Barth, his artwork and an original gift from him.

Praise for Beyond The Ink

Few people have been able to transform an industry like Mario Barth. Driven by a burning passion and purpose, he has changed the way art and business come together to add beauty and value to the world. Beyond the Ink pulls the curtain back on a life and business that reveal the true ingredients behind greatness. A must read for artists and business people alike!

Tony Robbins

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, life coach

There a few chances in life to get an inside glance into genius. Beyond the Ink is one of those opportunities. Colorfully and concisely written, this book takes you behind the scenes and inside the heart and head of a modern day renaissance man. Mario Barth has a remarkable story to tell and transformational life and business lessons to teach. Everyone should read this book!

Sylvester Stallone

Actor, filmmaker, writer

Business and life are about serving others. The more you give of yourself, the more success follows. Mario Barth is proof this works. Few are as committed to making the world more beautiful and improving the lives of artists and others along the way. Beyond the Ink brilliantly chronicles Barth's remarkable journey to becoming a global icon in the tattoo industry and the legacy he has built transforming it. Anyone wanting to make a difference in life should read this book.

Bill Hornbuckle

President, MGM Resorts International

This Book is AWESOME! Mario Barth is not only a longtime friend of mine, but also my go to artist. His thoughts and how he applies his ideas are mind blowing not only as an artist, but as a businessman, as well.

Tommy Lee


Smart, insightful and powerful, Beyond the Ink illustrates business and leadership strategies applicable to any business in any industry. Barth is both a master of his trade and of the culture of the craft and the lessons he offers are invaluable. Beyond the Ink is definitely a title worth having in your collection.

Felix Rappaport

President & CEO, Foxwoods Resort Casino

When the mind, body and spirit work together, anything is possible. Mario Barth is a powerful example of this. Beyond the Ink reveals and breaks down the magic of the man who is making a difference and transforming a multi-billion dollar industry almost single handedly.

Criss Angel

Best-selling magician globally

Louis Efron has artfully brought my decades of work to life on the pages of this book.

Mario Barth