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What Kind of Bee Can I Be?

Busy little creatures, honeybees happily buzz from flower to flower collecting nectar to make good things to eat. But do they know just how important they really are? Journey with one little bee who goes in search of his purpose and along the way learns the secret of happiness.

The earlier you discover your purpose in life, the more you can offer the world.

Perhaps you are still searching for your purpose in life or have already found it. What if you started thinking about your purpose as a young child or even found it early in life? How much more success and fulfillment would you now be enjoying?

This is why I wrote What Kind of Bee Can I Be? for my children and yours.

Discovering and understanding your purpose in life is truly transformational at any age. Knowing this early in life is the greatest gift a person can be given.

I hope you and the children in your life enjoy, benefit from, and embrace this important gift as much as my family has.

- Louis Efron, M.S.

Praise for What Kind of Bee Can I Be?

"This book, “What kind of bee can I be?”, by Louis Efron, is a LOVELY, sweet as honey, story suited for all ages. Cute rhymes and beautiful artwork present a heartwarming message. This honeybee goes on an exciting journey; and readers come along for the unexpected plot twist which will fill and inspire hearts with lots of "awe". (Spoiler Alert: It was also encouraging to see support for the endangered honeybee with a gentle reminder at the end.)"

This is a sweet book, simply told with attractive illustrations. It also has an important message for kids. My toddler enjoys the catchy language and bright illustrations, while my older kid enjoys the story and the message behind it. A nice addition to our library.

"LOVE this story! A very charming book with a great message. It’s really colorful which my kids also love. Perfection!"