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Louis, you have the leadership charisma of a Tony Robbins, with the energizing spirituality of a Wayne Dyer, driven by the Louis Efron style of purpose and I know you WILL positively change the world.

This floated through my brain (with emphasis) as I was listening to your keynote, and I felt absolutely compelled to pass it along!

- Brenda Hardesty, SHRM-SCP, SPHR People Strategy Consultant

“Louis’ keynote presentation was both engaging and entertaining. He connected with the audience and brought alignment between ethics and purpose by providing salient and simple points to inspire action.”

- Matthew Fehling, President & CEO, Better Business Bureau

My wife and I have been working together in a technology consulting business for the past five years. We’ve been blessed over and over again, not only from a growing, profitable business, but also the wonderful people we’ve met along the way. Louis is a definite addition to that list of blessings. Louis presented at trueUnite bringing his exceptional personality and speaking abilities to bear. Louis began to share some of his journey, and with a combination of historical facts, humor, and insight, he lead us into an exercise. He began to ask some probing questions . . . some of which were uncomfortable. Being a hard-core type A personality, my shields quickly went up. However, thanks to Louis’ ability to deliver, I opened up to the questions. I quickly realized the questions were ones I was afraid to ask myself… but necessary to ensure that I’m fulfilled. Thank you, Louis.- Gerry Bailey, Managing Director, iLAB LLC

I was an attendee at your presentation for SRP – COS. I want to thank you for the book and your energy and passion you have. For me, you kept me engaged in your message and your real life examples and scenarios were spot on for allowing me to get your message.- Michael J. Burm, Salt River Project, Manager

Of all the seminars I’ve attended over the past few years, Louis’ presentation on purpose was definitely one of the best! His message on having a PURPOSE for your organization completely resonated on a positive note. The simplicity of defining your company’s purpose is such a powerful, yet important issue that most companies have lost sight of – Louis brought it all back in practical, easy-to-implement steps that every CEO or COO should bring back to their respective companies.- Gavin Gillette, SVP – Administration FirstFinancial Credit Union

“Louis is the rare communicator who has both a valuable message and the gift of being able to connect with the mind, heart, and spirit of an audience to deliver that message. His recent keynote address on Purpose at the HR People & Strategy Annual Conference was captivating–delivered with the authentic energy of a true healer. At the same time, it was filled with practical, hands-on suggestions participants could take away and apply to bring purpose to life. It is this magic mix of pragmatism and inspiration that makes Louis’s work so powerful.”

- Eric Severson, National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Former Co-CHRO, Gap Inc.

We invited Louis to our leadership team meeting to discuss the importance of employee engagement. Louis did not disappoint. His core message is simple and powerful and his delivery is genuine. Louis really gets it! He helped our team understand the crucial elements of establishing trust, caring about people, helping them succeed, and the importance of all the “small stuff” that makes the big difference. You can always drive results. But Louis helped us see, if you understand the power of fully engaged, emotionally committed employees, you can finesse results instead, and reap the return on investment ten-fold. It all starts with aligning your team to purpose. Louis laid out a practical, clear and concise approach to creating a culture where teams can thrive and deliver. Our team gave Louis’ presentation overwhelmingly positive feedback.- Carrie S. Young, Salt River Project, Senior Director, Corporate Operations Services