Why Engaged on Purpose (EoP)?


Intuitive, real-time, one-stop shop reports, make it easy for team leaders to identify the greatest improvement opportunities by business segment (department, age group, tenure, job type, manager's team, and other demographic attributes) and share best practices to increase employee engagement, retention, and amplify HR and leadership efforts. EoP empowers business leaders to take early action and address the issues that matter before it’s too late.

Purpose Alignment

EoP is the only platform that measures the employee's sense of purpose and organizational alignment, which is directly correlated with business performance.

Attrition Risk

EoP uses employee feedback trends, combined with other demographic attributes (age, tenure, etc.) to identify the risk of turnover for each employee segment (office, department, manager's team, etc.). The platform also uses feedback from recent exits to understand turnover causes and predict future ones. These predictions will boost growth and company value by retaining top talent.

Focus Groups

Focus Group feature allows managers to autonomously collect solutions adapted to their challenges, enabling transparency, and promoting innovation.

Manager Self-Service / Development

“Learn how to improve” features empower managers to implement operational solutions, leaving more time for HR to focus on higher level strategic initiatives.


The ability to benchmark an organization against others in its industry or other industries based on scientifically constructed, pulse survey questions.

Key Indicators

Access to data on key indicators such as: new hire onboarding effectiveness, diversity and inclusion, and M&A.


Data is presented by employee segments and not associated with a specific respondent.

A minimum segment size criterion and a unique number of respondents are used to avoid providing data that can be traced back to a single respondent.

Past Data Usage

Data from past survey platforms can serve as a baseline for future EoP trending.


Personalized survey URL (e.g. survey.companyname.com) and brand colors option.

Customer Support

A dedicated customer success team partnership (communications to employees, training managers, launching, understanding results, putting action plans in place).


Scalable to accommodate companies from start-up with at least 50 employees to Fortune 100 organizations.

Free Trial

Free 21-day pilot option to evaluate benefits for 50 to 300 employees.

Cost of Turnover

No charge organizational “cost of turnover” calculation consultation.

Research Based

Built on proven organizational psychology theories, based primarily on the theory of self-determination which establishes the foundations of human motivation.

Survey questions based on engagement impact through exploratory factor analysis.

40+ years of research by the Gallup organization has proven the correlation between employee engagement and organizational outcomes. Engaged teams are/have: 

  • 15% More Profitable
  • 30% More Productive
  • 12% Higher Customer Engagement
  • 30% Less Turnover
  • 37% Less Absenteeism
  • 28% Less Shrinkage
  • 62% Less Safety Issues

Two independent 15-year studies showed that purpose-driven organizations such as IDEO, Ikea, Whole Foods, and Commerce Bank outperformed the stock market by nearly 1,700%.

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