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The Bad Consequences Of Good Work

A couple of years ago I was facilitating an employee engagement planning meeting for a business team in Johannesburg, South Africa. The session was designed to put actions in place to increase the engagement of the team based on the results of a Gallup Q12 employee survey they had taken. During the meeting, one question…

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Shoehorning Employees

A friend of mine told me a story about a Nike employee that was laid off not too long ago. Over 14 years, he had designed innumerable shoes, t-shirts and other apparel – including outfits for US Olympians. With a deep resume like that you’d think he’d get another design job quickly, but instead he…

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The Matchstick Man’s Secret

During the early 1920’s a Swedish engineer named Ivar Kreugar launched a plan to corner the matchstick market. He offered loans of millions of dollars to post-WWI rebuilding and cash-desperate European countries in exchange for the exclusive rights to sell matchsticks within their borders (remember, this was before electric stoves, disposable cigarette lighters or health…

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