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Choosing Leaders Good For Humanity

By Louis Efron | September 1, 2020

News sensationalism and politics aside, few can deny that humanity as a whole has been suffering of late. From health and safety concerns to social unrest and economic woes, it all seems to have gone pear shaped. More than ever, we need leaders with a global mindset who can focus on a balance of health,…

5 Ways To Foster Meaningful Human Connection In A Virtual World

By Louis Efron | March 19, 2020

Before COVID-19 began to spread, about 4.7 million people, or 3.4% of the U.S. population, worked remotely. With the current pandemic this number has easily doubled, if not tripled. While remote working is a positive trend and can certainly limit the spread of germs, save costs, attract top talent, improve productivity and engagement and make…

Will Your Next Job Be On Mars?

By Louis Efron | April 28, 2019

Look around the space where you are sitting. How many of the things you see were not available to you as a child? Perhaps you note a laptop, smart phone or Wi-Fi connection? Now imagine these things vanished. What would your life be like? Think back to when you were a child. Could you have…

Unleashing The Power Of Humanity In Business

By Louis Efron | March 10, 2019

“We are not a caring organization.” These are the last words I heard from a CEO, myopically focused on sales, before he was let go from his failing business. Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to work for or with numerous business leaders who have cared deeply for those who reported to them,…

The new H.R. conversation

By Louis Efron | December 13, 2018

Published in Strategic HR Review – December 2018, Vol. 17 Issue: 4

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