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Get That Job! Nine Ways To Interview With Confidence

By Louis Efron, M.S. | December 23, 2013

We are born with complete confidence. My best proof is my 10-month-old daughter. Her walk is shaky, she constantly falls down and she can’t really communicate. Still, she never thinks twice about getting up again to try and navigate across a room and interact with others. She is not special in these behaviors. All healthy…

Why You Should Make Your Next Company Event a Family Affair

By Louis Efron, M.S. | December 19, 2013

Whenever I hear the name IBM, I get all warm and tingly inside. My father worked there for 18 years when I was young and I still fondly remember IBM’s two annual events. One was a summer picnic with food, games and activities for the parents and children; I’ve even kept a few of the…

12 Small Clues You Can’t Ignore When Interviewing

By Louis Efron, M.S. | November 21, 2013

Yesterday at a department store, I heard an employee telling a co-worker about an upcoming job interview. “They want me to shave my beard, but I don’t want to.” “Hmm,” I thought. “Maybe he should cancel the interview altogether.” Sure, refusing to shave a beard seems like a trivial – or even childish – reason…

How To Eliminate Performance Reviews In Your Organization

By Louis Efron, M.S. | October 30, 2013

Performance reviews don’t work. They are disliked by managers and employees alike. They are usually poorly written and disappear as soon as they are completed. Everyone knows this but most are not going to admit it. So why do organizations still use them? Primarily, it’s because everyone agrees that employee feedback is important, but HR…

Four Questions All Technology Users Need to Ask

By Louis Efron, M.S. | October 29, 2013

Today I left my iPhone at home. It’s 9p.m. and I am still alive to write about it. I got the idea last night while sitting outside at a mall, talking to my wife and enjoying the night air while our 5-year-old slurped ice cream. I glanced over at some pre-teens huddled around each other.…

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