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Three Reasons Your Best Employees Don’t Feel Recognized

By Louis Efron, M.S. | August 12, 2013

Everyone agrees how important recognition is, but most organizations don’t seem to get it right. This is perplexing to me because the first and most critical step requires such a small action – asking your employee how he or she likes to be recognized for good work. Easy, right? But it does not happen. Why?…

Interview Question

One Interview Question You Should Ask Every Candidate

By Louis Efron, M.S. | July 30, 2013

Today I missed lunch. I frequently do when I write these articles. Sometimes I end up writing through the night despite the fact that I was tired at 11 p.m. I lose track of time. Why? Because writing these articles and helping others with my advice is something I am passionate about. It feeds my…

Four Ways To Get Your Employees To Care Like Owners

By Louis Efron, M.S. | July 15, 2013

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I took our five-year-old daughter to a friend’s birthday party. At the gathering I met the owner of a budding local martial arts school. His passion for the art form and his business were contagious. He loved everything he was doing, but worried about the rapid growth…

Six Reasons Your Best Employees Quit On You

Six Reasons Your Best Employees Quit You

By Louis Efron, M.S. | June 24, 2013

There’s a saying that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers – and today they are leaving more often than ever. According to recent Department of Labor statistics, the average tenure of an employee in the U.S. is now only 1.5 years. What do these numbers mean? Are managers doing that bad of a job…

Six Reasons to Think Globally Rather Than Internationally

By Louis Efron, M.S. | May 30, 2013

In January of 2012, Azerbaijanis faced the real possibility of a future without Kit Kat bars, Nescafe, and Hot Pockets. After government officials demanded that it offer bribes to do business in the country, Nestlé pulled its products from the country’s shelves. Azerbaijan is a relatively small market, but the decision for a business to completely withdraw from…

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