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Why a clear business purpose is vital to employee engagement

By Louis Efron, M.S. | January 21, 2018

Every organization starts with a purpose. Making money is not that purpose. Rather, an organization’s reason for being is to positively impact customers, a community, or the world in some way. This purpose is fueled by the organization’s ability to execute on the right things and make money doing them. Unfortunately, organizational purpose is often…

How Technology Can Transform Workplace Humanity

By Louis Efron, M.S. | December 7, 2017

One could argue that technology has done more to harm humans than to help them. Interactions that were once between people have been redirected toward screens—just think of office exchanges, self-checkouts and online purchases. The allure of technology has led to distracted driving, which puts masses of road users at risk, and its potential misuse…

How to Avoid Killing Your Startup

By Louis Efron, M.S. | November 25, 2017

Whether the widely reported statistic that eight out of ten businesses fail in the first 18 months is accurate or not, few will disagree with the fact that most startups fail. However, it’s rarely from a lack of owner passion, interest, hard work, or desire for success. In many cases, businesses are started by people…

Can Netflix Mass-Produce Art?

By Louis Efron, M.S. | October 18, 2017

Since 2013, Netflix has been producing original series, documentaries and feature films to entertain more than 109 million members in over 190 countries. Members watch more than 125 million hours of television and movies per day. According to company executives, Netflix intends to meet the needs of its rapidly expanding membership by spending between $7…

Do You Have A Culture Of Fear? Three Questions To Ask

By Louis Efron, M.S. | September 25, 2017

Is it better to be feared than loved? Most leaders today would thankfully answer loved. However, when Niccolò Machiavelli posed the question nearly 500 years ago, things may have been different. Despite companies’ sentiments that they prefer “loved,” many corporate cultures still feed on fear. The problem is that some leaders either don’t recognize or refuse to…

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