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Louis’ writing enlightens, inspires, teaches and entertains audiences around the world. He is a contributing writer for Forbes and Huffington Post with articles achieving #1 on Forbes, Twitter and LinkedIn reaching millions of readers globally. You can also find his work and thought leadership in hundreds of global publications including textbooks, magazines and online publications.

How To Transition From Military To Civilian Work

By Louis Efron | August 11, 2014

Published on Forbes, 11th August 2014

The 20% That Really Matters To Your Career

By Louis Efron | May 19, 2014

Published on Forbes, 19th May 2014

Purpose-Driven Growth: What Acquisitions Can't Buy

By Louis Efron | April 21, 2014

Published on Huffington Post, 21st April 2014

Six Signs You're In The Wrong Job

By Louis Efron | April 9, 2014

Published on Forbes, 8th April 2014

Do You Have To Change Jobs To Find Happiness?

By Louis Efron | January 16, 2014

Published on Forbes, 16th January 2014

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