Purpose without execution means nothing. That’s why I am excited to announce a partnership between The Voice of Purpose and Commit Action to bring personal and organizational purpose-seekers a new level of accountability for purpose fulfillment and life and business success.

Louis Efron: The Voice of Purpose

Remote Affordable Private Coaching That Produces Real Results

Millions of purpose-seekers around the world have read my books and articles in an effort to discover and fulfill their personal or organizational purpose. As individuals, many readers have enjoyed more meaningful, successful and happier lives. On the business side, organizations have experienced greater people engagement and business performance. While “ah-ha’s” have occurred and action plans created, some individuals and business leaders have struggled to personally follow through on the tasks needed to achieve better outcomes.

While being fixed on your North Star - your purpose - is critical in life and business, it means nothing without strong and effective execution.

You may be juggling a million great ideas, wrestling on how to vet and prioritize those ideas and then how to stay focused on the right things in your life or in your organization to fulfill your purpose and drive your success. In a sea of so much to do, it is easy to become overwhelmed and battle to stay motivated.

Staying on track, productive and in your mental zone of peak performance is one of the hardest things to do.

It’s why top athletes and business leaders engage expensive coaches to keep them accountable and ensure they are effectively executing on the right things.

Unlike other accountability and time management platforms in the market today, Commit Action effectively combines technology and a human touch – two components I believe are critically important to strong and effective personal and organizational execution. An affordable personal coaching and accountability tool, it offers an elegant blend of software and live coaching to help individuals or business leaders remain personally accountable for getting the right things done—not a laundry list of actions that fail to add value to your goals.

What makes the service so incredibly effective and different is the simple fact that

you don’t need any willpower to see results.

Commit Action pairs you with a dedicated productivity coach whose only job is to get you operating at your best. The integrated approach is simple and powerful.

Your coach works with you to identify what you need to get done, why it is important to your life or business and any unique productivity roadblocks you may need to overcome.

Weekly check-ins help keep you accountable and on track and ensure that you are still working on what is most important to you or your organization.

Your coach does all the heavy lifting of asking the right questions, organizing your thoughts, taking notes, breaking down goals, scheduling time in your calendar, and tracking progress and results.

As Commit Action gets to know you better, they will make more personalized recommendations for your situation.

The simple Commit Action app tracks your weekly progress highlighting what’s working and not working in your life.

I am confident that this exciting new partnership and platform will be a game changer for you, your life or business. However, like everything in life, no action equals no benefit.

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Use my special coupon “louis75” to get $75 off your first month of productivity coaching with Commit Action.

If for any reason you are not getting the results you had hoped for in the first 30 days of your monthly program, you can cancel your service and receive a full refund—no risk, all upside!

Working with Commit Action has really helped me be more deliberate in designing a life I want. Before Commit Action it felt like my to do list was never ending. They’ve helped me to find and prioritize the highest impact actions and eliminate those that really aren’t all that important. Knowing I have a Commit Action call on my calendar every Monday makes me feel motivated to tackle the week ahead.

- Brian Plain, Financial Planner

I started in July 2012, and since then, I’ve consistently hit my targets each week – and my business is thriving as a result. There’s something about knowing someone is paying attention that compels me to fulfill my commitments no matter what.

- Sarah Lewis, Freelance UX Designer & Developer

My revenues have increased by 74% in the quarter that I’ve been working with Commit Action. AND – I’m not burned out!! Seriously, this program has been a total game changer to how I think about my entire business and move from freelancing to actual entrepreneur.

- Tori Cox, Web Developer & Authorized SquareSpace Trainer/Designer