Engaged on Purpose

ENGAGED ON PURPOSE is a purpose-driven people solutions platform designed to improve:




Employee engagement matters. Today, with personal and societal well-being at stake, being ENGAGED ON PURPOSE is the only way for employees to stay grounded and focused, ensuring thriving and sustainable businesses.

Backed by purpose, experience, and science, ENGAGED ON PURPOSE will transform your workplace and organizational results.

Check out the video below then contact us to try ENGAGED ON PURPOSE absolutely free . . . no contracts to sign or commitments to make.

In the meantime, have fun, be happy and live on purpose!

Louis Efron

The Voice of Purpose

Louis Efron, LLC
244 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1258
New York, NY 10001

Phone: (212) 726-2104

We invited Louis to our leadership team meeting to discuss the importance of employee engagement. Louis did not disappoint. His core message is simple and powerful and his delivery is genuine. Louis really gets it! He helped our team understand the crucial elements of establishing trust, caring about people, helping them succeed, and the importance of all the “small stuff” that makes the big difference.

-Carrie S. Young, Salt River Project, Senior Director, Corporate Operations Services