Have fun, be happy, and live on purpose

Purpose Alignment Score

1. I am confident about my purpose in life.
2. I have no regrets in life.
3. I am doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life.
4. My younger self would enjoy what I am doing now in life.
5. I am happy with my life’s story.
6. I am living my definition of success.
7. I spend most my time on things that leverage my passions, talents and strengths.
8. If today were my last day, I have fulfilled my purpose in life.
9. My resume best reflects who I am and what I really want.
10. I frequently check to make sure I am on the right path in life and course correct when needed.
11. I would want to perform my job even if I didn’t get paid for it.
12. I have thoughtfully designed my life.
13. I am making positive choices in my life.
14. I always ask for help when I need it.
15. I am engaged in my organization’s (or own business’) mission and purpose.
16. I am adding value in my job, career and community.
17. I have the life I want.
18. I don’t consider how I make my living “work”.
19. I am in a job and career that I love.
20. I know where I am going and where I want to end up in life.
21. I am interested in and speak enthusiastically about what I am currently doing in life.
22. I don’t make excuses in life.
23. I have a successful job, career and life strategy.
24. I am always true to myself.
25. My life focus is making me happy and successful.
26. I am always present in life.
27. I am living my purpose in life.

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