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The Bad Consequences Of Good Work

By Louis Efron, M.S. | April 23, 2013

A couple of years ago I was facilitating an employee engagement planning meeting for a business team in Johannesburg, South Africa. The session was designed to put actions in place to increase the engagement of the team based on the results of a Gallup Q12 employee survey they had taken. During the meeting, one question…

Shoehorning Employees

By Louis Efron, M.S. | April 17, 2013

A friend of mine told me a story about a Nike employee that was laid off not too long ago. Over 14 years, he had designed innumerable shoes, t-shirts and other apparel – including outfits for US Olympians. With a deep resume like that you’d think he’d get another design job quickly, but instead he…

The Matchstick Man’s Secret

By Louis Efron, M.S. | April 11, 2013

During the early 1920’s a Swedish engineer named Ivar Kreugar launched a plan to corner the matchstick market. He offered loans of millions of dollars to post-WWI rebuilding and cash-desperate European countries in exchange for the exclusive rights to sell matchsticks within their borders (remember, this was before electric stoves, disposable cigarette lighters or health…

Why International Companies No Longer Work

By Louis Efron, M.S. | April 9, 2013

In January of 2012, Azerbaijanis faced the real possibility of a future without Kit Kat bars, Nescafe, and Hot Pockets. After government officials demanded that they offer bribes to do business in the country, Nestlé pulled its products from the Azerbaijan’s shelves. Azerbaijan certainly isn’t a huge market, but the decision for a business to…

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