As I sign the publishing agreement for my fifth book, The Unempty Spaces Between - a collection of some of my poetry - I wanted to share some thoughts and research on the power of poetry for leaders and business.

More than ever, today’s business leaders live in a world of extreme uncertainty and complexity. Their challenge is to communicate simply, concisely, and with meaning to inspire thought and purpose. All attributes foundational to poetry. Research shows that reading fiction and poetry helps develop empathy and compassion, important skills for all leaders. Reading and writing poetry also fosters creativity which can lead to enhanced organizational innovation.

Finally, poetry can teach us to infuse life with beauty and meaning. A challenge in modern management can be to keep ourselves and our colleagues invested with wonder and purpose.


Poems by Louis Efron

Chalk Castles

Empty Attics

Writers Eulogy

Arcadian Eyes

God’s Garden

Short Circuit

Rooms without Nightlights

North Dakota Quarterly
(Coming soon)

God's Garden



Arcadian Eyes

Rooms without Nightlights

Requiem for a String Quartet

Ode to the Ballet Dancer

Bigger Picture

The Deronda Review
(Coming soon)

Requiem Without a Score

Matchstick Trick

In the Eyes of the Beholder

Beautiful Trees

Oh, Father


Sweet Revenge


Nicked Wedding Ring

A Play with No Name

Little Rowboat

A New Home


The Unempty Spaces Between

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